Corporations vs. Nature (Print)


Corporations vs. Nature (Print)

6 x 4 inches

Original Version: Corporations vs. Nature

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Corporations vs. Nature (Print)

6 x 4 inch

A personified corporation, lethargically gazing down. At their product. Profits sink as the water rapidly ascends. A murky atmosphere surrounds chips and fragments of bleached coral, money, and an artificial person.

If corporations have rights, why doesn’t nature? How did we let corporations become artificial people if they can’t eat, sleep, feel pain, or emotion? They cannot be jailed or held liable for their actions. If environments had personhood, would we let our corals become bleached? Would nature allow for our ice caps to melt? Would fossil fuels still be used with more affordable clean energy alternatives?


Corporations do not care about the state of the environment because they are not living. Their purpose is profit. Since corporations don’t live in an environment, they don’t concern themselves with long-term consequences. If we continue to allow corporations to have unregulated legal personhood, our democracy, economy, and ecosystem will fall apart.

Original Version: Corporations vs. Nature

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