The teenage hormones and insecurities of coming of age in the era of social media, transitioning into adulthood, still navigating menstruation and its symptoms, and the anxieties of accidental conception post-Roe v. Wade overturning.

The life of an uncanny 3D model

These figures, which closely resemble humans, are made using 3D modeling software to investigate the unsettling emotions people experience when interacting with lifelike technology.

Pen and Ink

This page is a curated selection of surrealistic and pen and ink compositions. The figures and portraits play with distortion, mark-making, illusionistic overlaps and transparency.

Uber Ride Home - 12 x 9 Colored pencil Drawing by Sirena Pearl

Waiting for the Uber

Relearning the rules of socialization through online dating amidst the tail end of the pandemic.